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What’s Your Candle IQ?

Do you love candles and consider yourself something of an expert? Try taking this quiz and see where you rank on our Candle IQ scale.

1. The most popular candle scent is:
A) Vanilla
B) Cinnamon
C) Rose
D) Chocolate

2. The safest way to extinguish a candle is to:
A) Blow forcefully at the base of the flame
B) Wet your fingers and pinch the wick
C) Use a candle snuffer
D) Splash it with water

3. All candle waxes burn cleanly and in essentially the same manner, but
which one of these waxes is not often used for scented candles?
A) Palm wax
B) Beeswax
C) Soy wax
D) Paraffin Wax

4. Which of the following candles do NOT need to be trimmed to 1/4"
each time before burning:
A) Votives
B) Tapers
C) Jar candles
D) Pillars

5. Which of the following well-known designers is associated with a candle
A) Jonathan Adler
B) Calvin Klein
C) Michael Aram
D) Tobi Tobin
E) All of the above

6. If a candle has a 30-hour burn time, how long can you burn it at one
A) A little longer than a day
B) 10 hours
C) 4 hours
D) What the manufacturer recommends on the label

7. Which of the following candle fragrances is best used at the dinner
table if you are serving beef or lamb?
A) Citrus or lemon
B) Unscented
C) Vanilla or vanilla blend
D) A “red fruit” scent

8. Secondary ignition can cause a candle fire. Secondary ignition is:
A) When you accidentally try to light a wick that’s already burning
B) When you have a candle with two wicks
C) When something other than the wick catches fire [in the wax pool]
D) When you light a candle for the second time.

9. Name the 1984 romantic comedy film that launched the directing
career of John Hughes:
A) “Breakfast Club”
B) “ Pretty in Pink”
C) “Sixteen Candles”
D) “Home Alone”

10. Which of the following historical candle statements are true?
A) Candles were made to indicate the passage of time – candle clocks.
B) Candle makers were known as chandlers.
C) 13th
Century candle makers used left over fats from the kitchen.
D) All of the above

11. Freezing a candle before you use it may result in?
A) A brighter flame
B) A stronger fragrance
C) A cracked candle
D) A faded candle

12. The best way to burn a candle is:
A) On a surface that cannot catch fire.
B) Lighting only after reading the safety warnings.
C) Far out of the reach of children and family pets.
D) Using it in the room where you are enjoying it.
E) All of the above


1 - A. The most popular candle scent is vanilla.
For more than 20 years, vanilla has reigned as the most popular candle scent.
When it comes to fragrances, vanilla is anything but plain. Vanilla is calming and
sensual, adds a hint of softness and sweet when blended with other scents, and is
thought to serve as a natural aphrodisiac.

2 - C. The safest way to extinguish a candle is to use a candle snuffer.
You can always gently blow out a candle, but the safest way to prevent hot wax
from splattering is to use a candle snuffer. Never use water to extinguish a
candle; it can cause the flame to flare and a hot container to crack or break.

3 - B. Although fragrance can be added to beeswax, it is rarely used for scented
Why? Beeswax has a lovely honey aroma all its own. Many candle purists
consider it a crime to cover up the natural aroma of beeswax.

4 - B. Tapers don’t need to be trimmed to ¼ inch each time before burning.
The wicks in taper candles are designed to curl into the flame and self-trim. All
other candle types, however, need to be trimmed to ¼ inch each time they’re lit.
If a wick is too long the flame can become too big and the candle may soot.

5 - E. Many of America’s top designers have signature collections, home
fragrances and candle accessories.
Jonathan Adler, Calvin Klein, Michael Aram and Tobi Tobin all have their names
attached to candle lines.

6 - D. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how long to burn a
candle at a single sitting.
The term “burn time,” which is often noted on the candle label, is not how long
you can burn a candle at one time. Burn time is an estimate of the total number
of burning hours until the wax is nearly consumed and the candle should be
discarded. The burn time encompasses many sittings.
7 - B. You’ll want to stick with unscented candles for the dinner table to avoid
any fragrance interfering with the aroma of your food.

8 - C. Secondary ignition is when something other than the wick is burning,
which can cause serious candle fires. For example, if you accidentally discard a
match in the wax pool after lighting the candle, the match could suddenly catch
fire too. Always keep the wax pool free of debris to avoid accidental secondary

9 - C. The 1984 film that launched John Hughes’ directing career and starred
Molly Ringwald, was Sixteen Candles.

10 - D. All of the above. Candle clocks were made to indicate the passage of
time; “chandler” is another name for a candle maker; and until the 18th
candles were often made from leftover cooking fats.

11 – C. Freezing a candle may cause it to crack or burn improperly. Wax isn’t
very good at expanding or contracting rapidly and may crack with sudden
temperature swings. Even if your candle doesn’t crack, the wick may absorb
moisture in the freezer. A damp or wet wick can cause a candle to burn unevenly,
pop or simply fizzle out.

12 - E. All of the above. Light a candle only after reading the safety warnings,
keep a lit candle out of the reach of children and pets, place it on a stable surface
that won’t catch fire, and be sure to only burn it when it’s within your sight.

Your Candle IQ:
8-12 correct answers = Candle Connoisseur Extraordinaire
5-8 correct answers = Champion Candle Aficionado
Less than 5 correct = Candle Lover In training

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Nervous Newbie
Jackie (Arizona) 9/27/2018 3:34 PM
I have been so hesitant to start making my own candles because there are so many components to learn. I just took this quiz and got 100%! Maybe I should stop being afraid of failure and go ahead a start already, lol. This quiz was also a lot of fun, thanks!!
Awesome Quiz
Lila Coleman (Lancing, TN) 3/19/2014 8:13 AM
I loved taking this quiz to see if I knew as much as I did and I got all of them right. Thank you for having this.
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