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Pink Sugar Type - 16oz - Old Formulation - Special Purchase
Flash Point - 212. Color - Light Yellow. Skin Safe.
Price: $20.95

Detailed Description

This is a one time purchase.  When it is gone it is gone.

It smells of Cotton Candy, Vanilla and Caramel. But it's also lightened with a fresh Bergamot and orangy citrus top note, with touches of Berries, Muget, Strawberry, Plum, and a dry-down of Dry Fig Leaves, Musk, Anise, with just the slightest hint of Musk and Woodsy Aroma. Because of the complexity of this oil it may vary slightly from batch to batch.

This oil may crystalize when subjected to extreme cold. If this happens just slowly warm oil. Will not affect it's performance. Best if stored at temps. above 75 degrees.

Recommended usage 1oz per lb.

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